Hospitality Industries

So I had worked with a couple of restaurant owners and managers, viz., Red Wagon BBQ, Cafe Homestead. They are passionate individuals who understand their product and service really well, but the "disruptive" factor is technology. Let me explain why I consider technology as disruptive in this scenario.

The owners use POS system and also have an online presence through their websites, which are both maintained by IT guys like myself or other folks, who they would use  to manage their brand reputation online and market them as well. Mind you they are Small businesses themselves and a big chunk of their income goes towards paying the owners, cooks and servers... Let me leave it at that for now... You could only imagine how Wordfence in Wordpress needs to work so that their site never gets shutdown. Smooth running of Wifi and Internet connections so that POS is not down. Especially when your business location is out by the "beautiful" countryside. If interested ask me here on your question on every heartache the business have to go through on a regular basis.