Financial industry are the best risk mitigators by default. I had spent considerable time with Citi and supported two good projects. FIrst one was the Electronic Clearing House, originally in Banks' Clearing house check and balances were made manually with reps from each bank walk in with Checks and tally the movement of Capital from one to another, takes many days to weeks before the funds are available to customers. With Electronic Clearing house it was overnight availability of funds for the Customer. Citi were the proponent of Digi-Cash, where they proved digital transactions doesn't need to be a currency, this was in early 90's the foundation for current Satoshi Nakamoto- Crypto currency. Second was Know your Customer defect triaging, managing Credit issues by ticketing system and learing to be a SME was key. More than anything knowing how to delegate the task and close the ticket on completion for ITIL was the key. 

Insurance Industry to cover an entity a cushion for it's vulnerable lifetime. Knowing the risk and pricing it right the key. The main work I did was the Telematics project especially the data management and ETL with appropriate data modeling the key for decision making. My Clientele` were Allstate and AAA, here we were maintaining history data and customer driver behavior.

Above three are the clients I had worked with when it comes to supply chain and logistics. EDI to manage the incoming a478nd outgoing Trailers and goods, Proper tracking of packages and worker safety concerns were the departments I was primarily associated with. Apart from tinkering with local servers and IT infrastructure. Especially the movement towards hybrid cloud system and longterm data and software management which are essential for their continuous improvement efforts.

Small Businesses Supported

Fundamental technology assistance that small businesses need are online presence, SEO/SEM and POS apart from streamlining their business process. Normally small business owners start off by making their tech choices and building their business. Only to find out without expert assistance their technology affects their core competencies. I had worked with restaurants, warehouses, retail outlets, Auto Mechanics, Print industry, Architects, E-Commerce store, Influencers online. Every one of these industries have an impact in your local economy, the best part about working with small businesses are the relationship you build with them. They are passionate about their core competencies and ambitious about their impact in their community.