Business Speciality

Righto! Here you go.. I have Provided tech assistance since the 90's for passionate Mom and Pop shops till multinational conglomerate. I come in as a contractor/consultant providing an outsider view taking interest in the business. With my work background I normally provide several suggestions to better efficiency. This doesn't happen until I understand the business personally and business owner is confident with my work. With that in mind you will have my suggestions and improvements for your business. Here I will learn the heartbeat of your business and you will get to know me too. And together we can always achieve more.

I normally provide a very personal one on one work for the organization. You may check my portfolios and get to know me by contacting from the template. This site is always gonna be a work in progress as I learn more from passionate business owners, managers, leaders and their vision. You will always know when our venture together will end. Hopefully it is on the right note.